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Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post

If we won that many cups in such a short time and had such a solid collection of players in the organization, of course players will sign cheap to play there.

Just look at NJ and how they sign players below market value. Do you think it's because they are nice to their players? Doubtful. It's because they have a solid system and a history of winning Cups. Just like Detroit.

If the Flyers won like 4 cups in the past 13 years then players would line up to sign here also. We may have a high win percentage (I'm also looking at you Montreal) but we are lacking when it comes to winning Cups.

Why do you think we had to pay Briere $52 mill? Because we sucked. Guess who else was in the running for him? Other people who havent won cups recently.
Yeah, but we haven't. And Briere did take a cut, I think it's pretty common knowledge that the Habs offered him 7 mill a year and he would have been a hero in Quebec if he had signed.

The Flyers want to keep their reputation up as a good franchise to play for. A lot of the guys we've brought in and some that we've developed have always said that the organization is very professional and that the fans are one of the most passionate groups in the NHL. If we start to develop a pattern of forcing players to waive NMCs and/or throwing them in the AHL if they make what we deem to be too much money (even if we signed them to the contract), we're going to lose that reputation.

I think the fact that we are a great hockey town and a professional organization helps us a lot on the FA market, we were able to sign a guy like Kimmo for less than what he probably would have made on the open market, possibly the same with Hartnell. Why would we throw that away?

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