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Originally Posted by embracedbias View Post
In 5 years if you think that Filp will be better than Kane/Schenn/MPS, I think that you sorely mistaken. Yes he is having a good playoffs, but lets not forget that he is 25 and scored 40 points this season. Hell, Jiri Tlusty had better numbers that Filppula in the AHL and is 4 years younger. To think that Filp is worth the 5th overall is typical HF homerism. Forgive me if I don't put much stock in your statement that "anything more than that would be typical HF pick over valuation." Sounds a bit to O'Reilly-esk for my liking.
I commented a bit above on Filps numbers but its been debated far to many times on this board. I will only say Filp is a considerably better player than his numbers reveal this season. If you look closer at his number and analyze the context you will understand he did not play an offensive role this season. He has preformed consistently when placed in that position including this years playoffs.

My favorite line is this one which really shows your ignorance. "In 5 years if you think that Filp will be better than Kane/Schenn/MPS"

I think in 5 years Filp will definitely be better than 1 of them. Probably be better than two of them. 1 imo will be better than filp. Such is the nature of draft picks.

For reference in the 2004 draft...(5yrs ago) Andrew Ladd, Montoya, Wheeler were drafted 4-5-6. IMO the best player of the three is Wheeler. That being said none of the three are conclusively better players than Filp. Give Filp 5 more years of development and compare a 29 year old Filp to any of those 3, as stand ins for our hypothetical Kane, Schenn, MPS and its pretty clear he will be better or at least comparable. OFC there is a CHANCE the pick could be better as well.

What exactly was your argument again? That im a fool cause I underrated 5th overall picks because they will be better than Filp within 5 years? Sorry nope thats a fallacy.

An additional more neutral note looking at all the drafts in the last 10 years the only years that imo are better than Filp were 2003 (vanek, Zherdev, Michalek) 2006 (backstrom, kessel, Brassard)

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