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Originally Posted by SabresKings2611 View Post
Usually sideways.
You need a tight jersey made out of velcro

Just kidding obviously ... the other suggestions in this thread are all good ones. Just remember it is possible for even a big guy to have a hard time delivering hits when he doesn't do it right.

You just need balance and leverage from your legs being further apart. Plant yourself and drive the guy.

The skate thing mentioned above about having mobility at the ankle is preference really. I tighten my skates on the ankles as tight as possible and tuck the tongue under my shinguards. I do not use tape though as that would be TOO constrictive so I suppose I have just every eyelet with a lace in it and nothing unused.

I guess maybe it leaves some flex but I like a stiff ankle. Some guys I have played with who are very excellent by the way tape their ankles and prefer the ankle to not be flexible. The point being however that my job on the highschool team was to hit people as i was the biggest guy and on a checking type line. That was many moons ago but hitting hasn't changed.

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