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05-30-2009, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by LoveDaSlug View Post
When was the last time a team traded one of their top prospects to move up 6 spots--and not even into the top 5??

Toronto is NOT getting Myers or Enroth, so you guys can stop tossing them in like they're worthless.
Where in my post does it say top prosepect? I said a good forward or goalie prospect. Secondly, in this years draft, after 7 there is a talent drop off. Teams have to overpay this year to get into the top 7, specially when its a drop of 6 spots. Next, it says a deal could be worked around the 7th, Enroth, and 13th. Enroth is not that good. With Miller signed till 2013, why does Buffalo even need him?

Oh, and finally, maybe read a post carefully before flaming away.

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