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05-30-2009, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by SabresKings2611 View Post
Got into a brawl during a hockey game two years ago, my helmet was off, I was fighting with the other teams goalie, and a defenseman. All of the sudden, one of their players picks their stick up, and takes a baseball-esque swing(ala Chris Simon on Ryan Hollweg) at my head. Split my eyebrow/forhead open, left a crescent shaped open wound(cut down to my skull) about 6 inches long. Knocked me out, woke up in the hospital with 26 stitches, on my forehead, and 14 in the back of my head, from splitting my head open while falling from being knocked out(hit the back of my head on the boards). Not fun. Severe concussion, and stayed in the hospital for a week.
I've had one of these happen to me too, I was way luckier than you in that I had my helmet on. Basically their version of Avery came in on a breakaway, put the puck in between my legs, but instead of biting on his move I just put him on his ass. When I turned to retrieve the puck used my head as a baseball and tried taking it off. It hurt like a mother, had a bad concussion too, I can't even imagine how you felt without the helmet.

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