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05-30-2009, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by mcsk View Post
Hey guys. Kind of off topic, but I need your help on this. I started playing hockey only recently (2 seasons), but because I would practice stickhandling a lot at home, I became good at it (but I can't shoot to save my life and my skating sucks). What would stand out in my stickhandling was my quick hands, which were really quick. Recently though, it seems as though I had lost all my stickhandling skills for no apparent reason. On the ice, my stickhandling became slow and bad. Same thing when I practice stickhandling at home with a golf ball. It's extremely frustrating and annoying, as my stickhandling was my only asset. I've tried hard to fix it, but my skills just won't come back. I was wondering whether this had happened to anyone else here, and if anyone had any tips or ideas on fixing my problem. Thanks.
Growth spurt? If so it is temporary and will come back in time.

Another possibility is that your other skills have improved and you are playing at a higher level so it is only an apparent drop in stickhandling.

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