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05-30-2009, 09:49 AM
Frankie Spankie
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Damn, I feel like a nobody in this thread.

Worst injury only lasted like a day for me. I was new to the league and didn't know anybody except for the guy that brought me in. It was just some no-hit league so I figured nobody would be too good. I started blocking every shot I could until I went up against the guy with the hardest shot in the league. It's so hard I've seen him score from his own end of the ice and you can't really blame the goalie because it somehow was going top right and curved to lower left (I was right behind him so I had the perfect angle). Anyway, he wound up and I just skated towards him to block the shot. He shot it right at my ankle right below the shin guard where it's basically just the flap of leather on your skate. That killed and I went off the ice immediately. I tried walking it off in the bench area and missed like 5-7 minutes and finished the game with little to no pain. Then an hour after the game, it was all swollen up and I couldn't walk. I stupidly went to class that day too, it took me 20 minutes to get to my car when from that distance, it usually took 5. Went to the hospital for the night and it wasn't broken, took a couple days before I could walk normally again.

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