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05-30-2009, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
Am I saying anything anti-Danny? He took more money to play in Philly, good for him, I'd do the same. I'd just like to see the end of the "he took less money" notion that's been out there for some time. 52 is more than 49.

I can see why that would hurt your argument, because maybe he doesn't have this burning desire to play in Philly the way you think. But I really wasn't trying to make that point (although I guess I just did, haha).
Give me a ****ing break. 49 million over 7 years is more per year than 52 mill over 8 years, the math isn't hard. If he makes 3.1 million the year after the deal is over (quite possible), than he makes more money on the 7 year deal than he does on the 8 year deal.

Would you prefer a 7 year 49 million contract? I'd rather have the lower cap hit personally. And I don't think he has a "burning desire" to play in Philly, he's a professional.

I never said he had a "burning desire." My original point is there and still stands although Jester apparently thinks I'm censoring people by making them think.

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