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05-30-2009, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGooooch View Post
So last weekend I played a roller hockey game at 9 and an ice game at 10:30 (both at night). I figured I would be dead tired after playing the roller game but it was quite the opposite. I had a ton of jump and didn't suffer from jello legs. Tonight I only had an ice game so I ran a mile about an hour before the game in an attempt to get my legs going, but it didn't seem to help that much.

Basically, any tips for warming up to prevent jello legs? I am probably going to get a bike or something since running just sucks IMO. Or should I just start working my legs out more?
Here you this before your game.

Drill#1: (Basic position for each drill)
Place your feet, one foot apart and then get into the sitting position with your bottom touching the back of your heels. What it going to look like is a down hill skier, but in the sitting position. Make sure that your knees are apart and your hand together with your arms in between your knees. This is called the set position!

Now, for Drill #1: You want to jump forward about three feet and land back into the set position. Do this about 15 to 20 feet.

Drill #2: Same thing...but backwards.

Drill #3: Set position. Three Jumps forward, turn clock wise in the air to backwards and back down in the set position. Three jumps backwards, turn clock wise in the air to forward, back down in the set position. 15 to 20 down the runway.

Drill #4: Same as 3, but single it up! One foreward, one backwards, all the way down to the 20 ft mark.

Drill #5: Set position on the right side of you 20 ft runway. Jump with both feet, 1 ft. foward and to the left by three ft. back down into the set position. Then, jump back to the right, 1 ft. forward and to the right by 3 ft, all the way down the 20 ft runway. So what you are looking like is just jumping from side to side down the runway. Oh by the way. Remembers to land in the set position each time...don't cheat!

Drill #6: Same as drill #5, but backwards!

Drill #7: Same as drill #5, but with one leg to the left and one leg to the right. I call this the "Russian Step" but with no russian box. Just side to side down the runway. Ah but there's a catch, when you jump from side to side, you have to sit down on that back leg and don't let it touch the ground. Oh, and watch your balance. Don't use your hand for balance!

Drill #8: Yep, you are right! Same as drill #7 but backward!

Drill #9: Set position, jump forward by a couple of feet, 360 in the air, land back in the set position.

Drill # 10: Set position. Standing up! Then, down into the sitting position and back up halfway, hold for one second and back down into the sitting position. Do 10 reps of 5 sets to start off with and them increase a set each week to 10 sets.
Yep, you are right, there's a catch again! When you are standing up, place your tennis shoes on their side. Like you are skating on the out side edge on both skates. make sure that your tennis shoes stay like that when you go down into the sitted position.

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