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Originally Posted by Burgs View Post
Are you one of the players concerned or their agent or how do follow that whole affair?

Btw, the "general manager" of my Crimmitschau team recently said that he expects across the league budget reductions of 20 to 30 percent for the upcoming Bundesliga season. That's a pretty big cut.

This week, the SC Riessersee somehow (anonymous donor, yeah right) scraped together the needed money to apply for a Bundesliga license for 09-10 so they're off the hook for now. Though with the SCR you never know. But now Freiburg is in trouble. The city is renovating the (city-owned) arena which most likely means that Freiburg can't play any exhibition games and the first couple regular season games at home. Instead of working with the ESBG on a change in schedule to solve the problem, the club now demands the city to cover the expected revenue losses and has threatend to cancel the entire season if they don't get paid. We'll see whether this is all just blustering or not.

Meanwhile, the split of the Oberliga (3rd tier) into northern and southern "conferences" is dead in the water after several northern clubs (Eisbären Juniors, Preussen Berlin, Rostock and Halle) have announced their withdrawing from the league, leaving the planned Oberliga Nord with only 4 clubs remaining. The one team that insists on playing Oberliga, however, are the Leipzig Blue Lions - the one club that should have been forced into 4th tier Regionalliga due to bankrupcty.
Simple Burgs. Facebook, private messaging and talking to families of players I have associated with in the past. As someone that was wronged by employers in the past I always stand up for the little guy. This is an excellent forum to keep team owners and managers honest.

I see where Frieberg are coming from. IMO, the city should take some or all of the responsibility for the cost over-runs. A city run raffle for a car or city run lottery could solve the problem but it would take forward thinking leaders to get this done.

The Oberliga seems to be in a bit of a mess these days. Let's hope they get is resolved. From what I can gather the SERC Wild Wings are the only team that still owes players 1/8 of their salaries for 2008/09. What confuses me and others is how they can go out and contract and promise top dollars for next years players when they still owe last seasons players their money. The ESBG and DEL should have a head office contolled by a league Commissioner or President hired by the team Governors to ensure this kind of abuse does not take place. It only hurts the league and the guilty culprits in the long run.

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