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05-31-2009, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Vakar Lajos View Post
- Broken femur (thigh bone)

- broken collar bone

- chipped tailbone

- dislocated left knee over a dozen times. last time chipped a peanut M&M sized piece of cartilage off. Had to have the whole knee realigned.

- dislocated right knee 6-8 times.
Man that is just brutal luck.

The collarbone alone is a hassle that takes a long time to heal because you use it for everything.

A guy on our team is done for the summer and may be done from hockey for good after a 4 wheel ATV accident at about 40mph. he caved in his collarbone which was a clean complete break so his upper chest area where it is has a caved in look.

He'll need surgery to repair it and even then he was told it would never ever be the same again for normal use and may have a locked feeling.

Your knee dislocations scare me because one of my knees has a lot of the cartilage that is just gone from a serious leg infection when I was 11 and i almost lost my leg. It isn't painful except on rainy days so I should be thankful even though it is weak.

I can imagine you use braces and stuff when you play at this point which I am sure adds to the frustration.

Good luck with your knees anyway you only get two and have to make them last until your final days.

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