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05-31-2009, 02:45 PM
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about 2 years ago i had an avulsion tear in my hamstring, all the way near my buttock. its the whole hamstring ligament completly tears form the bone and takes part fo the bone with it. the exact place what you use to sit. i couldnt do anytihng for more than 2 months, before finally going to the doctor around november (happend in late may), the xray reveled some mass, so i had a mri and other exams. no doctor knew exactly what it was. some tohught a tumor, but turned out to be a hemton so for a about a year i went form one doctor to the next and it was always the, well i've been resting for a year! some docotrs say that i;m too young for an operation, others say that because i;m young i need the operations, neeldess to say, even after 2 years, it still hurst, cant run, cant play hockey, and everynow and then hurts while sitting. this all happend when i (think) partially tore it in hockey and then played soccer and tore i complty, i eard a loooud pop and then i almost fainted.

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