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05-31-2009, 01:56 PM
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When I look at Lecavalier's career stats, two things jump out at me. He's played 80+ games in 7 of his 10 seasons and only played less than 75 one time. If there isn't enough good reasons to trade for the guy, there is another.The other is his plus/minus which he has been a minus in 6 seasons. He was a plus 23 the year he won the Cup. I know this is a useless stat but you can't help but notice a career -89.

Originally Posted by Captain Ron View Post
I have mentioned this on several occasions. The problem is that those against the trade do not want to acknowledge that having a cap hit that is higher than your actual salary can be an asset to a team struggling to make the salary floor while trying to keep monetary losses at a minimum.
Yeah I think the real issue will be with getting AEG to pay a guy $10M over the next 7(?) seasons. Although, as has been stated, they stand to really make a lot more at the gate, jersey's etc. With AEG's development in Downtown, gate revenue will have an exponential effect going into the future. Having 18,118 people down there on any given night is going to draw more money into LA Live.

When you look at the options (mainly UFA's) out there, assuming this is also one of them, you'd have to imagine this something DL is really trying to get done. He sets a higher value on a center than he does wingers and all the top tier UFA's are wingers. Then there is that issue of negotiating a contract. We all know how good DL is at that (UFA's and our own players alike). Unless the cost gets out of hand, this is something we should all be pushing for. If he could make this happen and trade next year's first instead of this years, that would be amazing. Still, I'm not holding my breath.

If DL can trade for VL and re-sign Frolov this summer, I'd really consider getting my season tickets again.

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