Thread: Proposal: Hemsky for the Kostitsyns
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05-31-2009, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Rpro View Post
Funny how it's mainly just hab fans that seem to think that. I guess they're the only ones with 'decent hockey knowledge' right?
Do you think Gainey would trade two Kosts for just Hemsky? I don't think he would. And that's the end of that. Say whatever you want, but Montreal is not going to make this trade like people here are saying. Gainey would be an idiot to trade the Kosts when their value is at its lowest.

Everybody keeps talking about Andrei's attitude problems, but is there any concrete proof of this? EVIDENCE?! All I see is a bunch of hearsay. Like above: his "attitude in general?" Like what? He doesn't sock teammates in the head. He doesn't get DUIs or commit manslaughter. He doesn't ***** about his coach. What did he do wrong exactly? EXPLAIN IT AND MAKE IT ****ING PLAUSIBLE. Yeah, you can't. You can point to some questionable on-ice things at best, but I guess that means Lucic, Phaneuf, Perry, Kronwall, etc. all have attitude problems. It's nice that you feel you can make stuff up and pass it off as facts. Well, I'm calling all of you people out. Whatever you say, back it up.

Andrei and Sergei are not superstars, but the Habs are more than happy to keep them. They are fine players and good teammates who has had their names completely tarnished by the media. Hell, I have a lawyer friend who insists the Kostitsyn brothers would have a case against the media if they wanted to sue them. There is no evidence to support the claim that the Kostitsyns are bad people, bad teammates, etc. If they're bad teammates, what does that say for even the good guys in the league who have got into fights with teammates? What does it say about Craig Rivet?

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