Thread: Proposal: Hemsky for the Kostitsyns
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05-31-2009, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Cleatus View Post
When I say attitude problems, I'm mostly implying that he lacks heart.

And I think Perry was a bad example. That guy has major attitude problems. Trust me, I'm a Knights fan who watched him for years, and even met him a couple of times. He's very rude.
But Perry is still a good player and he has no problems with Ducks management. People blow this attitude thing out of proportion.

And prove that Andri lacks heart. I bet you can't. Andrei is 24, and there is little evidence to show he truly lacks heart. What does he do exactly? A player not playing up to his potential does not necessarily lack heart, just consistency and confidence. We're not talking about a veteran who has consistently failed to show up here.

Andrei is a young guy who had a bad sophomore season. SO ****ING WHAT. No, he doesn't take the bull by the horns. He's not like Mike Richards, but not everybody plays like that. And that doesn't mean they lack "heart." I'm sick of hearing this crap when it really doesn't even apply to the player. Apparently, any European that has a bad year lacks heart. Hell, I remember people saying Kovalchuk and Datsyuk lacked heart. Well, look where they are now. People need to use their ****ing brains for once instead of just categorically dismissing players for no good reason with stupid phrases like "he lacks heart." It's the stupidest ****ing phrase in the book. Sorry, but it is.

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