Thread: Proposal: Hemsky for the Kostitsyns
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05-31-2009, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Cleatus View Post
Kovalchuk was made captain for two reasons.

1) To make him stay.
2) To increase his trade value.

And Datsyuk isn't doing too well in this year's playoffs.
Datsyuk is injured. He has been since the playoffs started. Hell, he is so hurt he can't even play when his team clearly would let him if it was at all possible. Plus, Datsyuk is doing fine if you don't look at just the scoresheet. Do you watch the games objectively or just see what you want to see? Datsyuk was trying in every series and contributing in any way possible even if he couldn't get on the scoresheet.

As for Kovalchuk, I don't see how making him the captain increases his trade value. GMs are not dumb enough to look at Kovy and say "OMG he's the captain. I'll trade more for him." Whatever his value was, it's the same after. Sure, it says to other GMs that Waddell will take nothing short of massive overpayment to trade Kovy, but I'm sure GMs already knew that. As for convincing him to say, if Kovy "lacked heart," why would he care if he's the captain or not? Clearly, he would looking for dollars and a team that would help him rack up more awards. Why would a guy who lacks heart want to be a captain of a loser team? How is that good for himself? It's not, unless he is a actually a good guy and a good leader who wants to help turn the Thrashers around.

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