Thread: Proposal: Hemsky for the Kostitsyns
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05-31-2009, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Cleatus View Post
Datsyuk has been good defensively, but he needs to be alot better on offense. Also, do you have proof that he's been playing injured throughout the playoffs? Even so, lots of players use injuries/sicknesses as excuses when they have sub-par playoffs.

Making Kovalchuk captain would make him feel more important, and that team relaly has no one else. Mark my words, unless Atlanta offers him league max, he's leaving. And again, he hasn't brought the Thrashers anywhere in his tenure, even when the team was pretty good.
Datsyuk is trying offensively. He just isn't cashing in. Do you really believe that means he lacks heart? No, all it means is that he isn't playing at 100% ergo he won't have his regular scoring ability.

As for using injury as an excuse, the point is that Datsyuk is too injured right now to even play. That's how serious it is. Players usually play through injuries, but Detroit won't even let him play. It's a serious injury.

As for Kovy, again, why would Kovy care about being the captain of the Thrashers? How does that help him, telling him he's the best player on a bad team? Like he doesn't know that already! And it's completely unfair to blame Kovy for the Thrashers not being a good team. Even when you say they were "good," they had major holes and it was obvious to anyone with a brain. When the Thrash made the playoffs, Scott Melanby was their fourth leading scorer with 36 points. Tkachuk was their best center, and he's not even a true center. They had Eric Belanger as their 2nd line center. Their best defensman was probably Niclas Havelid. The depth wasn't good, and Lehtonen was younger and less experienced. How is that a good team? And this is the best team Kovy had to work with. It's unfair to blame him for the Thrashers being bad.

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