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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
So I recently started playing defense for my ice hockey team because we needed some, I volunteered as I've played defense in open hockey but not more than a game or 2 in real games. Our team is horrible (1-6) and only got our first win last night. Thing is we won 7-6, but we gave up 3 goals in a span of 10 minutes from the first period and into the 2nd, and they were all my fault.

Any tips for defense other than the basics? I try to always force them to the outside, keep clear of screening the goalie, and will always play the body if they try to cut to the inside. I also always go hard to the boards and I know I did a good job keeping my head up for the breakout pass because my team kept commenting on it.

Also, any tips on learning how to stop when you're skating backwards?

Try playing the puck when they cut in. It might not work for everyone, but the best defenders (Lidstrom) have an active stick, and I think that's something that's effective and overlooked. I picked it up relatively easy, and I rarely get beat one on one, and when I do it's mostly because I'm really out of shape .
But keep your stick in their lane, reach, move it around, and if they cut in follow the puck. You don't have to knock them flat; they might even separate themselves from the puck in a deke attempt, in which case you say thank you and pick up the puck from in front/at the side or behind you before they get it again.

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