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05-31-2009, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
What the hell has that to do with anything? I'm not a huge fan of Kaberle, but he's a good defenseman. His contract is decent. Redden's - not so much.
We can afford neither. You think being a good d-man is reason enough to want someone, Redden is a good D-man.

Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
Of course I do and I never said anything contrary. But if (and at this point I better remind - again - of the fact that I would not do the trade...) the Ducks were looking at a player to replace Niedermayer, there would not be many options. Hell, there would be basically no option to replace Niedermayer without a huge downgrade unless one lives in a dreamworld and believes we could sign Bouwmeester for what the market is going to get him. Even with him...
It it very much in doubt whether we can afford both Nieds and Pronger next year. For some reason, i prefer Pronger to Kaberle as a Nieds replacement. As i do Whitney for that matter, and we already traded for him.

Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
Yes, I am pretty sure we won't trade for a defenseman. But that is because I am pretty confident Scotty is going to be back. That is a belief and may be saying more than Scott knows himself at this very moment. It's not ridiculous for fans around the league to believe that he indeed might retire after he thought about doing so for a very long time before, and that the Ducks, a team that has been built from their defense, might be looking for a defenseman to fill the gap. Of course, Kaberle is not even close to Niedermayer. But one could very easily get the idea.
Who cares what fans around the league think? The person i asked the "thoughtless question" is a Ducks fan who should know about our situation but was still willing to gut our future for a package we don't need.

I didn't ask you why would we want those players. I asked from another who would trade a lot of future for them. There's no need to remind me about your stance about that trade, i don't give a ****.

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