Thread: Value of: Jake Gardiner to Toronto?
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05-31-2009, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Abyss View Post
to base everything around their HF grades is pretty silly. And the fact they are roughly the same size isn't a great thing for Stralman considering Gardiner is 4 years younger...more time to put on the size.

Besides, Stralman tried to put on some weight...and it hurt his game. Wasn't as quick, couldn't make the plays he should be able to.

I think how big he is now is roughly what he'll be, which is too bad because besides the cannon shot and decent passing he's going to get pushed around a lot in his own end.

Gardiner is an excellent prospect, great wheels, great shot and great offensive skills. He's also at a great school that will teach him defense.

I'd be shocked if Anaheim considered this trade.
As to the first bolded part, I didn't base everything solely off of the HF rating. I only used it as a starting-point.

As to Stralman's attempts to get stronger, he probably just wasn't used to playing at a heavier weight, all the while trying to adjust to the NHL game, which he was rushed into by the previous managment regime. He just wasn't ready for the NHL at the time. Stralman has since played much better in the AHL this past season.

As to the second bolded part, you may be right; but you may also be wrong. We shall see come training-camp time as to who is in better shape at that point in time than they were to start last season.

And the part about Gardiner, you're probably spot-on.

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