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06-01-2009, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Teemu View Post
He'll probably get signed for 2-2.5 mil a year. He has no arbitration rights, and no one's gonna drop an offer sheet on him unless its for a large amount (i.e. 5+ mil a year). And I don't see that happening with the financial uncertainty of the cap.
I'm really interested in hearing some logic to backup why he's only going to get $2-2.5mill/yr... every comparable contract that has been signed has taken dmen from their ELC to over $3mill/yr - Carle, Edler, Suter, Vlasic, etc - none of these guys had arbitration rights either.

can you provide any comparable contracts for young dmen with top 4 potential, that have gone from ELC to under $3mill over the past couple years?

I keep reading from Hawks fan that he'll sign for $2-2.5mill, but I have yet to find a comparable to justify him getting less than $3mill.

Even with threat of the cap going down, he'll easily get over $3mill IMO.... if he's offered less than that, he won't sign till July 1st - when he's sure to receive offer sheets, with the rest of the league knowing the number of good young players up for new contracts over the next couple years, that the Hawks have... they are one of the top 5 targets when it comes to offer sheets, and everyone in the league knows that Barker has the potential to be worth what similar young dmen have gotten in the past couple years on their next deals.

also, why is it only possible for him to get a $5+mill/yr offer with an offer sheet? couldn't a team just offer him $3.9mill? That would put the Hawks into a tough position with the rest of their contracts, and may still match considering that they have a lot more depth up front than on defense to be able to lose a guy like Barker... that's a 1st and a 3rd as compensation (IIRC).

IMO, every GM that needs to add depth to their lineup and aren't rebuilding (and can thus give up those draft picks), should target Chicago... make a $3.9mill/yr offer for Barker, and if that's matched, then make an offer for Versteeg or Bolland... the Hawks are primed to be an offer-sheet target coming up... and it's not like GMs only throw huge money offers at RFAs either - Backes and Bernier received $2.5mill/yr RFA offers last year for example... $3.9mill for Barker is a very realistic offer IMO.

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