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10-05-2004, 10:26 PM
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No, I want him away from Sather's decisions who has been a complete failure at just about everything he's done since he's gotten here(BRTD - Before recent trade deadline). I want Lundmark to play and play more. The Rangers are interested in seeing what their young guys can do(I don't blame them), Lundmark is a NHLer and they have seen him on the Rangers. You can't tell me he'll play more on Hartford who has tons of guys who need ice time. The Italian team is paying JL big money to play and help them win. He WILL get primo minutes which is exactly what he needs.
He could get primo minutes skating around the trash can in his back yard, but it doesn't mean it's gonna develop him better for pro hockey.

Having said that, the Rangers aren't exactly stacked at Center and he easily could have gotten a great deal of icetime playing all 3 forward positions for a Hartford team who isn't overflowing with offensive fire power.

When the NHL does resume play, Lundmark should be in top shape and hit the season running. He will not get the quality of ice time in Hartford that he will get in Italy. That is what is best for him. I am not even going to broach the other issues of insurance and money because I know this is the better place for him to get back his game.
Well if you really believe Italy is better than the talent levels in various other league's than we agree to disagree. But "Staying in game shape" is the number one priority for developed players who have already won their permanent place in the NHL. A guy in Lundmark's situation should be doing everything he can to play and work on the many glaring holes that need to be fixed if he hopes to win a spot in the NHL. There are a lot of top young guys playing in the AHL this year or in other areas.

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