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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post

Am I a rare thing for a hockey player because I have never really noticed if a team mate shoots left but is a righty or shoots righty and is a lefty.
As far as hockey is concerned, you're not rare at all, you're with the overwhelming majority of righties who shoot left. I was once on a team on which we did not have a single right-hand shot (it was a problem). Think of when you are playing with one hand on your stick, say for a poke check - obviously, you would want to hold it with your dominant hand and hold it at the top. The only way to do that without switching hands every time you put both hands on your stick is to shoot left.

As far as batting is concerned, I bet hockey was your first sport using some sort of a stick. It was mine, and though I'm right-handed, when I learned to play softball and golf many years later, I held the bat/club the only way I knew how - with my right hand at the top and my left closer to the middle. Never occurred to me to try to do it any other way. So I bat and golf lefty and I've tried doing it the "correct" way and it felt real weird. At least I have a good excuse for why I'm such a ****** golfer.

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