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10-06-2004, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Rodent
It's one thing to talk about Nedved. But where is the line drawn under this scheme you like? Who's gonna qualify for the $6M and who marks the beginning of the $5.9s? What will the luxury tax look like with your figures?
Players are still worth whatever a GM is willing to pay for them, but up to $6 mil. My point is that you cannot take figures that were set on one scale, drop them into another scale, cut off the overage, and say that things won't work. You have to reset the scale. The current scale is based on $11 mil for the top. The new scale would be based on $6 mil. That's not to say that everyone's salary will definitely drop 55%, but it will drag them down. That's the point of the entire proposal, and that's what you ignore. You treat it like the goal is to get a viable form of revenue sharing in place, and that's not what the NHL wants.

Consider that if you've got Nedved making $2M, that figure is awful close to being insufficient for him to play in North America. He can play in Europe for not much less and not get beat up and pawed at, etc. And it's not just him.

And if you've got Nedved makin' $3M instead, then I'm not seeing the "drag down" that you and other folks are talking about.

It's like I wrote about a month ago. The only attraction the NHL has for certain players (given the current state of the game) is the cash. They get beat up here. They're far from home here. They play more games here - even under the proposed 72-game season. Example: Extraliga plays 52 games and they never play on consecutive nights. They tend to stay healthier even from a 'flu' standpoint. Maybe that's because there's dramatically less plane travel. I don't know. But the NHL game isn't fun for many of the finesse types as it was just a few years ago.

You take away that financial incentive and the NHL (which is already diluted talent-wise at 30 teams) is gonna find itself without a bunch of middle-elite imports. Oh, the Sundins will remain here 'cause they'll get the $6M. But somewhere is that middle ground where (under the TSN scheme as you predict it will pan out) a lot of talent is going to simply stay home. And then the NHL will be faced with recruiting even more "hamburger helper" from the AHL, pitching it to us as "major league product".
I don't profess to know about European salaries, but if a player does not want to play in the NHL, then more power to him. Jiri Dopita did not play in the NHL until well after his prime. No one shed a tear for him. Some players may go home, but some players will stay. Europeans stay in the NHL as 3rd liners when they can be stars at home. Why is that?

So before you claim victory here, you take the spreadsheet and redo the numbers to demonstrate that the TSN scheme works in real life.

'Cause when you do, I think you're gonna realize that it won't.

It's real easy to rip someone else's position with a touchy-feely counter as the one you made. Put in some work first and present your counter-argument a lot more substantially and then I'll listen.

I'll honestly listen. But I'll listen only when you show me the numbers.

Heck. If you do a decent job, I'll post your counter on my front page so that the world will know that you were right and I am wrong.
I'm not trying to "claim victory" here. I am just pointing out that you used an inaccurate analysis to tear down someone else's idea. You did not examine all the angles. You took numbers that you knew were favorable to your side and you ran with it while you disregarded the main point of the proposal. Some people will take a "Rodent Rant" as truth and not question the analysis behind it, and I'm against that no matter who the author is. As for your challenge, I do not have time to crunch the numbers (I am a first year law student, so my free time is at a premium ), but that would be fruitless anyway because those numbers were created on the old scale. Anything I did would be speculative, and you would have every right to tear it down. But everything you did failed to take into account some fundamental changes in the proposed system.

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