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Originally Posted by Viller View Post
I'm ok with Emery if its true he cleaned up his act somewhat... Definately gonna need somekind of veteran backup though. Rather have Emery for 2-2.5millions than Biron for Huet type of cash (5.something million for Biron or Huet is ridiculous.)

We are praising Biron because he brought the Flyers to the conference finals a year ago, well Emery took the Sens to the finals so... Holmgren knows what he's doing, I don't think he thinks its that much of a gamble, talent wise anyway.

Definately beginning to wonder how the guys in the room will react to this one though...
Well, Emery DID play with Carter in Sault Ste. Marie during his last year at least one guy knows him.

I'm OK with this. Emery was very good. If he can play consistently at his previous level, cheaply, mission accomplished. He is capable of being as hot as Biron ever was.

Now, do we bring back Esche from Russia too???

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