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06-03-2009, 02:27 PM
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Eklund thinks the Flyers are going to sign Biron... which basically seals the fate of the Emery deal (if you know what I mean )

I don't think you guys should get too worked up about his off ice issues. I'm a huge Ottawa fan and I'm well aware of the stuff that was going on with Emery and the whole 07/08 mess.

A big reason why Emery was so ridiculed so much has to do with the fact that Ottawa was dominant for so long, and fans have simply been spoiled and had their expectations sky high for the team. When things get a little rocky, people want someone to blame and eventually the media singled out Emery.

People were up in arms about a bunch of small potatoes and blew his personality entirely out of proportion. They relied more on what the media said about him than the things he actually said with his own mouth, and that's pretty much it. That's a Canadian market for you.

I really got to question what would have been. To me, Ray was just young and made some mistakes. If one thing is certain, it's that it was made known that he screwed up and he ended up finishing the last few months of the season on the bench. I think that after all he went through, that he would have learned his lesson and probably would have tried to avoid bringing any attention to himself. He deserved a second chance, and probably would have done a hell of a lot better than Martin Gerber. I'm happy that he'll at least get that opportunity with the Flyers.


BobbyClarkeFan16 is also right about the wrist injury. Eklund seems to leave that out when he says that Emery lost the finals for us (it didn't happen that way at all). Clarke is also right in the fact that Emery is a extremely competitive guy and he's going to be in a position where he's dieing to prove people wrong about him. I really get the feeling that this is going to work out for the Flyers.

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