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06-03-2009, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by SSM12 View Post
Im dominant righty with left hand up top. After reading a few months ago about the whole toilet paper thing and when i did it, my right hand was subconsciuosly loose. I think by playing so much i just naturally developed the soft touch down low. Now if I try a lefty stick, which I often do for fun, i am a stickhandling mess with my right hand up top. I think my left wrist just became stronger, but i never really put focus on having a loose bottom hand(my right hand) but when i focused on it, i have been doing it all along.

The benefit, to me is in the shooting. My stickhandling is fine wiht my "weaker" hand up top, and I can do the toe drags, backhand toe drags and the like. When i first picked up a stick I always felt comfortable with the left up top. the "shovel/rake" trick where you hand a kid a shovel and the way they shovel they should hold a stick never applied to me. I rake/shovel both ways. When I get tired one way, i switch to the other.

In hindsight I have always been kinda ambidextrous, though i say right hand dominant cause I can't write worth **** with my left hand, though its plausible the wrist is just as strong as my right.

I really dont think its handicapping me as I believe I have the right technique. And if I were to make a switch now, I would never be able to play hockey again, right hand on top just feels THAT weird

I also dont think its THAT uncommon in the NHL. 2 specifically on the Caps are Semin and Ovechkin. Both Righty dominant and Right handed shots.........
I'm pretty sure being right dominant and having a right low hand is more common than not..I only know two people who aren't like that (not in the NHL)

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