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06-03-2009, 07:37 PM
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OK.... i just rewatched 'Waterworld' for the first time in like ten years. I'm pretty sick and have just been going through old DVDs and stuff thats air on 'OnDemand'. Now...

It...wasn't...that...bad. Why does everyone hate this movie with a passion. I was like 12 when I first saw it so I didnt care for it much back then, but now a days. It was a decent OK, 2.5 star, 6.25 out ten flick. Nothing 'WORST MOVIE EVER!!!' worthy which most people seem to believe.

So why is this? Was the movie like hyped up beyond belief back in the day? Did it promise a bunch more? I remember it being like 24095 trillion dollars to make, haha, but that shouldn't make people hate the movie for having a blown out budget.

Yet i just read on Wiki that its budget was 175 mil and it made 265mil... According to hollywood a flop is anything under double the production cost in gross profit. So it didnt do that bad really... So im confused. Why do people hate this movie so much?

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