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10-06-2004, 09:42 PM
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What makes you think JL will get first line minutes in Hartford. What if the Rangers know about JL's abilities and wants to see Moore, Betts, Lee Farledeau and others get more minutes.The AHL is a development league. Yeah, every team wants to win but they are all there to get players into the NHL. That is their #1 agenda. Hartford is jammed with depth. There will be alot of good players going to Charlotte. The Rangers can mix and match numerous lineups without much of a talent drop off. They will not miss JL. These are some of the centers battling for four center spots.

Farleadeau, Betts, Moore, Helminen, Hollweg, Giroux, Ulmer. Throw JL in there and you have a mess. I would rather have one of the above players get time in Hartford while JL also gets his playing time in a different league.

The team Lundmark plays for is there to win so they can make money. Lundmark is one of their best players and WILL be guaranteed to be put in all important situations. He will be given more ice time if the team is losing. He will be playing on the PP.

I don't care if he's playing for Hartford or in Italy. He's playing and that is what is important. The argument of him playing for Hartford to develope chemisrty is weak. Most of those players will not make the NHL. They are supporting players for the stronger prospects. So who cares about him developing chemistry with Ken Genander. JL developed "chemistry" with Bobby Holik a few years ago. Did that happen because he played signifigant time with him in the AHL? NO. It was almost instantly. They just clicked.

As far as the level on competition impeding his growth as you people say Italy is much weaker than the AHL. What about all the pro players playing in Europe. Are all of those players going to come back worse players? I don't think so.

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