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06-04-2009, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
If we insist on being one of the lowest payroll teams year after year, hockey won't succeed in Nashville, because we won't have a sustained chance at being playoff competitive. If we are never playoff competitive, the game won't grow in Nashville, period.
We've been playoff competitive for six years now. Yeah, we've either just missed getting in, or got trounced when in. But at least a couple of those teams had big years and high hopes going into the playoffs.

So, just how many years are required to be a "sustained chance"?

Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Look at Washington. They start having playoff success, now all the sudden the sell out every game, but they pay for their on-ice talent. Look at Chicago. Had terrible attendance, now they are in the black. Look at Pittsburgh, etc.
And these teams show that your premise is wrong. What playoff success did Chicago have that changed their attendance almost overnight? It was new blood (son of the old blood) who understood marketing who got the butts in the seats. At least that's what a couple Chicago people I know have said to me. That the new general manager (son of the owner or something?) marketed and put games on tv and season tickets went from 4k to 12k in one year! Please show me their great playoff run that made that happen?

Also... Pittsburgh? It's not money spent so much as being in the right place and right time to draft Crosby. If we had Crosby he'd be highly paid here also. And their increased success hit at the right time. Right about when the city was wringing their hands over losing the club. If we had been lousy, and then "hit" with say, Kariya and company, two seasons ago after the big push to keep the preds, we may be in even better shape. But instead, due to Craig Leave-us-cold having a fire sale, we were going down a bit. So we didn't get the huge surge in interest.

Still. The teams here, and with revenue sharing, made a profit. That's great!

I think we have a good fan BASE. Now, draft well, spend judiciously, and we could win.

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