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06-04-2009, 01:51 PM
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Need help picking a good curve

When I first started playing hockey, I used whatever and then a friend of mine would give me some old sticks he got. In all honesty, I have only bought 2 composite sticks so far since I started playing 4 years ago. Now my first stick was a TPS Response Nash curve regular flex stick which is still going pretty strong. My other stick is an Easton Synergy Drury 100 flex. I get a little more power off the Drury but I'm more accurate with the Nash curve.

I always cared more about accuracy so I went to look for another Nash curve. I went to a local place and asked if they could order one since they always sharpen my skates and they told me that TPS went out of business. I went on hockey monkey to look for information about the curve and saw that it was a 5/8" heel curve. I never looked into that stuff before but I just saw on some websites that heel curves are more for slapshots. I can't take a slapshot to save my life but I have a really good wrist shot.

My question is, even though I'm comfortable with the Nash curve now, should I try finding a stick with a mid or toe curve to make my wrist shot better, or should I just find something that's similar to Nash? And that leads to my other question, does anybody know what the closest curve is to a Nash curve?


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