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06-04-2009, 04:24 PM
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Partially torn PCL grade 2 injury. ALMOST grade 3. It happened during an ice game, when I took a shot off one leg but during the rotation(i wasnt facing the net so I kinda rotated to take a quick wrister) my skate got caught and I tried to put the other one down to brace and that slipped out completely and I felt a pop. Took me 5 min to get up. Tried skating and couldnt.

Thing was I had an inline playoff game the next night. So I went home. Come the following nihgt, the pain was pretty bad, so I just put a towel in a bowl of water and microwaved it so it was scorching and wrapped it around my knee. The warmth alleviated the pain so I could get my skate on. Skating, it didnt hurt to much though. After that game. I went to the hospital and there the doctor said it was a severe grade 2 PCL injury, saying I was lucky I didnt tear any of the other ligaments during my inline game as they were basically taking over the PCL's job.

I was given a rest period. But I didnt completely finish it as my next hockey season started up. So after about 2 weeks I was back on, the pain was almost completely gone so I felt good. Well about 4-5 games in teh season, I take a shot off the WRONG foot and sure enough, I re hurt it.

didn't go to the doctor then, but I stayed off of it for another 2 weeks. Then I was just playing hockey on smooth asphault at the park and AGAIN, I lost an edge and boom. 2 more weeks.

so far so good right now though. Its almost been 6 months since the last time I hurt it. Ive lost some weight since then and have been a little more cognizant of it. Im thinking if it happens again I MIGHT need surgery. I hope not. God I hate knee injuries. Not to mention it happened DURING the school year and my dorm, at the time was on the OTHER end of the Campus on which my classes were located. I didnt want to use crutches that long, so that might have slowed the recovery

Another one, I was skating in on a 2 on 2, the one guy had dropped back so we had a 2 on 1. My teamate passed me the puck, my thinking was the goalies gonna slide over to stop the shot, so I recieved the puck and moved it to the backhand for a layin when sure enough, the guy who had dropped back runs through me. This was a pickup game and he was probably 6'3 to my 5'10(on a good day). Not having a mouthguard in(and only a visor), I start spitting blood out onto the ice. I skate to the bench and one of the guys takes a look and say I have a pretty nice sized cut on the inside of my lower lip. Well after some spitting, I finished the pickup. Then when I got home it was the whole Ice on the lip thing. The worst part was skating down that guys wing after the fact and seeing my blood on his jersey lol. I did get a nice farside goal after it though. Their is still a scar on the inside of my lip that I can feel with my tongue and it has been about 5 months since it happened.

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