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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
From what I remember reading, our slight profit was after revenue sharing.
I'm not saying you're wrong, but I would like to see the link.

It's not public information. I watched the interview a few weeks back where Freeman say something like "Last year we made a million a two; this year we're probably going to lose a million or two." I'm sure he's fudging the numbers in his favor (to justify the lowest payroll in the league), and I think he's talking pre-revenue sharing.

Considered that we essentially sold out every game (when you factor in 10 million in revenue sharing), I'd be surprised if you can't turn a profit wit the lowest payroll in the league. Add to that concessions, sponsors, merch sales, city concessions, and money from other arena events.

If we are essentially selling out every game (with rev sharing), why must we be happy with the lowest payroll in the league year after year?

There are plenty of teams in similar or worse position that us (attendance wise), and they don't insist on being the lowest payroll team. Not to mention, the teams that are selling more tickets, are having to give $10 million to the Predators!

I have little doubt the Predators owners made money with their investment this year. Sure, they will likely find a higher ROI in other investments, but they knew that before they got in.

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