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10-07-2004, 07:36 AM
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Another aspect of the league's proposals not talked about

Now I could be wrong, however, there is another aspect of Bettman's proposals that is not getting much publicity. In addition to a cap, he also wants revenue sharing. Fine. Bettman wants an NFL type of hard cap. Wonderfull. However, his ideas of revenue sharing is for ONLY the top 10 teams to contribute. So, unlike the NFL, in which ALL teams contribute to the revenue sharing program, Bettman wants the top 10 teams to fund the rest of the league.
Is it me or is that ridiculous (a word I admit I have been throwing around a lot when it comes to the league's proposals)? How can you want an NFL type of cap, WITHOUT an NFL type of revenue sharing? Why should 10 teams basically fund the league? And what would determine who gets money? Does Anaheim? They are in one of the biggest markets in America and are owned by one of the biggest corporations in the world. Yet, becuase their ownership CHOOSES not to spend money, they are looked upon as a small-market team (an utter crock, if you ask me).
How can anyone consider the NHL a "healthy" league if it is funder solely on the money made by 10 teams?

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