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06-05-2009, 08:42 AM
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I know there was some cop bashing on here before about out of state licensed drivers so I thought I would post my morning commute festivities today. Getting off an off-ramp everyday for work there is a stop sign and a HUGE backup here. When there is a chance to go, everyone just rolls through the stop sign or gets beeped at and **** thrown at their car. Today, car 1 goes through, followed by car 2, then me, then car 4. A cop is standing around the corner in the middle of the road, watches the first 2 cars go by, points at me and pulls me over, and then lets the guy behind me drive by.

He comes up to my window with the whole do you know what you did wrong thing. I said no officer, he says you ran the stop sign. At this point I said well the 2 in front of me and the car behind me did the same exact thing. He follows this by saying "Here in Pennsylvania we dont run stop signs." I say I live in PA as well and work here. Asks for my license and registration (both NJ), and says, "as i expected , NJ license." Comes back with my ticket for running a stop sign and says, "running a stop sign does not have any points HERE IN PA, enjoy your stay in PA and be safe."

Mother ****ing stupid ****ign cops. It was clear I was the only one to get pulled over because I was a young guy driving a BMW and have NJ plates. **** all of you cops, the bad ones are way too ****** to make up for the few good ones.

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