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06-05-2009, 09:16 AM
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What flex stick are you using and how long do you have it? How long have you played?

Lots of good info is up here about shooting technique and strength, but IMO it's useless if you're using the wrong stick. Now I'm not trying to say the right stick will fix everything, but the wrong stick can certainly mess up even a really good player.

The stick needs to flex a bit when you shoot and even when you want to make a hard pass. If you aren't getting flex out of the stick, your arms and wrists will be doing all the work and the puck will weakly slide along the ice. A flexible stick allows you to store the energy created by your leg and core strength and when you follow through it releases all this energy towards the target.

Typically, your average 6' tall person with an average stick length (chin in skates) uses an 85 flex. If you're taller or like a longer stick, you can possibly use a higher flex, and if you're shorter or like a shorter stick, you should try a lower flex. Most players use a flex too stiff. I'm 5'8" and like sticks an inch below the chin, so I use 70-75 flex.

Another thing I might recommend, I just picked up the Bobby and Brett Hull DVD, and it does a PERFECT job of explaining and SHOWING the correct shooting technique. I recommend it, as you see over and over again slow motion shooting technique from all angles and explanations.

With the right technique and the right equipment, you should be able to get good power and accuracy out of your shots and passes, even without a ton of strength. Then you can build up your strength and get even better.

EDIT: I see you said you're a woman, and I hope I'm not making assumptions, but if you're on the shorter end (i.e. under 5'8") you might want to try an intermediate stick. If it's wood, make sure you can get some flex out of it before you buy it. If composite, same thing, it needs to have some bend and flex. Hell, Brett Hull was 6' 200 pounds and used a 65 flex stick!

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