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10-07-2004, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
If that were truly the case, then Lalime should have not been one of the primary reasons that Ottawa could not advance, nor should have the Flyers been plaqued by all of those "goalie problems" of the past playoffs, nor should the Islanders playoffs not been hindered by Osgood a few years ago.
Saying that "any" decent goalie can play on a high level becuase of the size of equipement is not factual. Big difference between 'Bulin and Dunahm, no matter what size the equipment is. It would not matter how big Osgood's equipment is. On his best night, he is still not fit to carry Luongo's jock.
I don't think you understand what I meant (my bad, it was a poor post). I agree that Luongo and Brodeur still make a difference. I'm a huge Luongo fan, actually: they are the best, plain and simple. I think that there is a misconception that any goalie is a good goalie right now, because average goalies are able to put up good stats and play fairly well consistently.

The fact remains, that a guy like Lalime has consistently got a SV% around .910 and a GAA below 2.30. That might not mean much in today's NHL, but if it weren't for his equipment, he wouldn't be able to do that. He specifically wears his equipment loose so that his pads become walls when he drops to his knees. Now tricks like that might fall apart in the playoffs, where you need a goalie who can do something extra, but during the regular season, it does lead to the misconception that any goalie is a good goalie.

That doesn't mean Lalime doesn't belong in the NHL, but his stats would have made him an all-star in years past. In reality, he's merely a decent goalie (at least in the regular season), not the kind of guy who can carry a team. A guy like Brodeur, who has mountains more talent, doesn't rely on tricks with his pads so much, and his greatness would be all the more evident if the advantages that goalies have nowadays were rolled back. I actually find it ironic that Brodeur is so against the idea, because he would stand to benefit the most.

(PS> I should note that the strong defence played in the NHL today makes average goalies look good, too).

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