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06-05-2009, 12:54 PM
shoeshine boy
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broken tailbone was easily the most painful. it took a good 2 years to stop hurting.
I've only (knock on wood) had minor injuries but the worst one (other than the tailbone) was while I was scorekeeping a AAA men's league game. at our rink we don't have glass between the penalty box and the scorekeeper's box. with less than a minute to go one of the guys cranks out a clearing attempt. he missed the glass and hit me right in the forehead. I stopped the clock and staggered towards the door not realizing I was bleeding yet. looking down I realized I was bleeding onto the floor. one of the refs was able to patch me up temporarily but the cut just wouldn't stop bleeding. a friend took me to the ER where I got 1 internal and 8 external stitches. I was leaving in 3 days for a tourney in Canada so I went with the stitches still in my head.
2 good things that happened: 1) the guy who shot the puck is a friend of mine. he felt so bad he bought me beers for months! 2) we now have glass between the scorekeep's box and the penalty box.

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