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Originally Posted by DevilsFan38 View Post
Are there any off-ice exercises you can recommend to improve this? My shots are pitiful, and even my passes and clearing attempts are slow and weak.

I'm sure there are all kinds of fundamental tips in this thread.

I'd like to throw a few curve balls out there that maybe others aren't thinking about:

1) What kind of gloves are you using? More specifically, what is the PALM of the glove like? I try to use gloves light weight gloves with a thin (non-leather) palm. I find it helps me to grip the stick and alter my grip should I so desire. It may sound like a tedious detail...but its very important to be able to control the stick properly in your hands and you should be able to 'feel' the puck through the stick. This will provide you with gaining a more exact sense of when your release point is at its most powerful point.

2) Even when your practicing off-ice, wear the gloves.

3) Don't worry about practicing with a puck all the time. A tennis ball is a great learning prop which will hyper-accelerate your stick control.

4) Don't 'flail'. By this I mean...concentrate LESS on the SPEED of your motions and MORE on the EFFECT of each movement. When you've released the puck (or ball) you should have as much control over your stick as when you began your shot.

All too often, I see beginners finishing their shots with their stick at odd-ball angles and an out of balance body position.

5) Try different shooting angles. Shoot across your body. Shoot with just the toe of your stick, shoot away from your body...back hands...whatever you can think of...and maybe most importantly...try shooting the ball or puck while it is in motion, because standing over top of a puck that is sitting in one spot the entire time is really a complete waste of your time. Its not a realistic simulation of what you aspire to do in a real game!

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