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06-06-2009, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by icyfur View Post

if you take JDM's advice and you like sushi and are willing to drop some coin, [Sushi] Nozawa is the place to be. omakase or bust. if you're not quite the connoisseur(sp), there's plenty of other decent priced places in the sushi capital of the US.
This place is the closest you will ever come to eating in a restaurant where the owner of the place is just like the soup nazi on that old Seinfeld episode. The owner will scold you, really scold you, for diping your rice (instead of the fish) in soy sauce. You order something you like, he says "NO, you eat this." I've seen him kick people out who he didnt like. ("No sushi for you.")

We haven't called it Sushi Nozawa in ages. Its Sushi Nazi.

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