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06-06-2009, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by not quite yoda View Post
i don't understand it, unless the point is to pick a french player because he's french and the draft is in montreal. heaven forbid we repeat the 1993 fpick of david wilkie and get booed by the hometown crowd again.

the last time i recall such a consensus on the habs pick on hfboards was in 2004. we were also drafting in the 17-18 range. we picked a hard working two way centerman, not unlike leblanc. his name was kyle chipchua. how well has that panned out for us thus far?

i for one hope we don't pick leblanc.
First, you just choose to see the mock drafts you want 'cause in most OTHER mock drafts, there are a whole lot of people going for Holland as well. Second, well CLEARLY it solely has to do with the fact that he's french 'cause we all know by now that a french player cannot be a BPA.....

How the heck does a consensus means anything as far as how a player will pan out? If we would have a consensus for Tavares, would he pan out the same way Chipchura did?

By the way, forget the mock drafts and start looking at most lists from experts who are saying that Leblanc will be going earlier than our pick. It should tell you a little but the real value of this prospect. But clearly, he's not good enough 'cause either he's too french or he's a "consensus". Here's one for you. Wish we pick Nikita Dvurechensky. Pretty sure there's no consensus there which means he will end up a great pick...

I know one thing......if the draft would have been held in Montreal in 2006 and we would have been pressured to pick Claude Giroux, it would have panned out pretty nicely. And if the draft would have been held in 2007, and we would have been pressured to pick Perron, it would have panned out pretty nicely as well. Nobody ever would like people to pick a french player just for the sake of the language but because at the same time he's a damn great young prospect. Anybody who keeps claiming this false assumption that people want french players no matter how great they are, are just either doing that on purpose or are plain stupid.

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