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06-06-2009, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by lhf1 View Post
Both opinions are wrong, because both opinions are based only on origins.
Not true. People who want more francos (and I'm in that group despite not having solely francos on my wishlist) are not basing their opinions (or shouldn't) SOLELY on origins. The player needs to be great. Needs to be what we need. To be french though 'cause of how proud you would be, 'cause what it means to you, can and should be a criteria. I keep coming back to this, (and even though my pick would have been Grachev...), we decided also to go for Kristo instead of Paquette, a guy who could fill the need we have to become like a Chris Neil, a tough guy able to play hockey but is not necessarily in the heavyweights category. Like a Kostopoulos who might actually win a fight from time to time. So this kid wanted badly to be drafted by the Habs. And when he wasn't, his response was, well I will show them that they make a mistake. That kid would have bring a drive. His love for the Habs would have make him work harder, would have make him improve his skating big time, would have conditioned him in becoming a better player so he'd be able to play for the team of his dreams. And to me if he succeeds, not only he reaches his goal, but chances are he'd be able to help my team so again, if my team is your team and everybody else that posts here, why the hell would people don't want to bring a Quebecer like him if it means that we would become a better team? If I can give you examples like that that might might show that chances are we'd become better, why wouldn't we go for those types of guys? Surely, there are not only Q guys that thinks like that. A guy like Higgins thought so as well, a guy like Subban still do. But chances are, the more you are breathing and living around the team you loved watching, the more you'd become a fan of it and want to play badly for it.

Going back to the criterias, it has to be considered. Like being American is a criteria 'cause of how the US are developing their guys, like being a goalie from Quebec used to be a criteria 'cause of how the Q goalies were seen, like being a Swede is a criteria for Detroit, like being a tough canadian kid is a criteria 'cause of how rough the OHL and WHL leagues are and should make you better to play in the NHL.......People just don't realize that to be able to know who the BPA is, you need to have criterias that define what is, for you, a BPA. I mean BPA is obviously not based on points 'cause there are too many factors that can't be determined. What makes Kreider a better BPA than Leblanc? 'Cause he's big and fast? But didn't Leblanc play against a tougher opposition and still did great, can it then make him the BPA.....

Strangely, people keep saying that they don't mind the origin, that origins cannot play a role but when it comes to french and quebecers, it keeps playing a role 'cause some scouts did say that this new rule makes the players softer. 'Cause some posters keep saying that choosing a french player will only happen to please the crowd and not 'cause he could be a good player.

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