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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
it depends how strong you are. if you are strong enough to flex a stiffer stick it could improve your slapshot
I shoot a Grade A slapshot as I am big and strong and a stick that is too whippy gives too much to get good zip on the shot like you can with the correct flex. The stick flex should be abvout half of your body weight.

Too whippy and a big strong guy is just going to break the shaft in half. There have been instances of players preferring a rubbery shaft but they broke a lot of sticks .... like Ovechkin does. Phil Kessel also uses a whippy stick and also breaks sticks.

The "correct" stick depends on your position and type of player you are, a stay-at-home defensman would want a stiff flex to fire the puck in the zone from the redline etc. Getting a hard shot on net from the point, whacking the shinguards of an opposing player to cause him severe pain (I keed I keeed) and things like that.

A fancy type who does more dribbling and touch passing along with things like saucer passing may want a more rubbery shaft for feel purposes.

I weigh 230-235 and try to use at least a 115 flex but sometimes off the shelf these are not available as they mainly have average sticks for average sized guys on the shelves. Average being the 87 Flex for 5ft 10in guys who weigh the average 160-180lbs.

Right now I am using Bauer shafts that had extra length on them but they originally were 87 Flex versions. I cut them about an inch and half from the end which made them somewhere around a 100 Flex which still isn't enough for me.

I can feel too much give when really torqueing a good slapshot and I do not like that but I play in a nonslapshot league and the basic shooting has been okay with a flex of around 100 for me so far minus the slapshot which could use more flex for my body weight.

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