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Torn Bicep Tendon

Well wouldn't you know it ... someone started a worst iunjury thread here and jinxed me lolz.

I was playing monday night and went into the corner in our own end to help out the D and a guy had the puck with his face towards the boards so I came in (I am a lefty) with my stick hand to go around his waist to shove my stick in there to free up the puck. That is fine and good but my LEFT hand I had free off the stick and and while coming in decided out of habit to hook onto his waist to "cheat" with a hold sorta.

You know like we have all done 3 million times over the years. A harmless common play where you never see anyone get hurt.

Well just as I get in there the guy decides to take off to my left causing the whole thing to be a two people doing different things at the same time bang bang thing hyperextending my left arm that was off the stick and that familiar hockey injury "pop" of a bicep tendon tearing ensued. I immediatley knew what I had done and true to most muscle/tendon tears it wasn't painful right away.

I did skate off the ice onto the bench and immediately knew something was wrong and it was not a minor injury.

Okay fast forward to the ER after driving home 40 miles ... the doctor says he spoke to a specialist which I still have to call monday or so to get it evaluated, and he said it may require surgery or it may heal okay enough to use again somewhat normally.

My question here is this ... has this happened to you and if so how was it treated if it was at all and what was the end result for you playing hockey again afterwards?

Did you opt for NO surgery or did you have surgery?

Right now I have range of motion with it though I am not as of yet able to straighten my arm out as it is still too stiff and painful. I can absolutely tell the tendon is still attached but elongated which the amount of elongation has been shrinking everyday and the bicep is starting to look somewhat normal again but it is obvious that it will never look normal again.

it has the Popeye bicep look as the tendon holding it to the elbow has obviously suffered trauma but it is starting to feel good and giving me signs that things should heal very well for it.

I only needed painkillers for two days and now it is just like an ache and easy to deal with. I can lift plates of food with it or coffee without much discomfort.

I know there will be NO hockey for me for at least 2 months and probably more like 4 months to 6 months because I blew out a hammy before very severely and was on crutches for 2 months and it took about half a year before I could play again.

So anyway .... I can type with two hands now so I made this thread after hurting it back on monday, things were too pianful and one hand typing is not funny.

I am going to go public skating twice a week instead of playing hockey to keep the legs going. I will spend some time with my niece and my great nephew who is 5 and learing to play hockey and skate, he likes public skating too. Public skating for me starts sunday and I bought a lace tightener as I cannot do much still to tighten laces with my injury, it seemed to help in a trial run at home on the sofa.

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