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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
I'm not saying their lying. I'm saying they will deflate the numbers as much as possible, for PR reasons.

Is it lying to say the Predators made $175K, but not mention that Sommett Management Group (whatever it's called) made 6 million? No.

Is it lying to say the Predators made $175K, but leave out that they also gave management salaries of 6 million to the various owners? No.

I'm not saying the above is true, but it's certainly a possible scenario. These "numbers" can be manipulated any way you want them.

What reason does Freeman have to tell the media how much money they made? Simple, PR. He's saying "We are in decent shape, but we will still be spending on the low-end."

Nobody knows how much money they're making. What we do know, is that with over 14K paid attendance, and 10-15 million in rev sharing, we are essential selling out every game.

Back to the orginal post. I don't think MONEY is the thing holding us back. Right now, I think it's lack of offense, and a GM who is too complacent to try to address it.
What does Freeman gain by lying about making money? He's been out to prove that our market can be successful. Barely breaking even or losing money isn't successful. I'm sure he'd love to come out and tell everyone we're making +$10 million.

And I'm not saying there is no way that they are lying, but I just don't see a reason for them to. Leipold had a reason to lie, he wanted to look good for leaving after he wanted a franchise where he could do nothing and rake in the cash.

But you're right, its a scheme to keep us with a low payroll so they can rake in the money. From what I've heard from the local group, and of course this could be PR, they didn't do this to make money. They did this for the city. These guys are smart enough to realize how hard it is to make money with a NHL team, especially with an absolutely terrible hockey market.

I'm extremely doubtful that a long playoff run does anything for our market. Of course, it would be better than missing the playoffs, but I don't think anything can make this market work.

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