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Originally Posted by Brentbreakaway23 View Post
I typically use black stick tape, this stuff that Players bench has. But it always seems to be cheap, and fall off during the game.
Try out some different stuff here and there. I recently found a great tape for grip puproses but it does break down faster than white tape.

I use a black cloth tape that has some friction to it, more so than white athletic trainers tape.

One thing I do to make it noticably longer is to use the heat gun I use to heat up my 2 piece composite sticks when I change blades to adhere the tape better to the blade. I rub wax on the tape and melt it into the fabric, the heated tape then bonds to the blade better.

I still have to change the tape every single shinny hockey session or 3 league games. Currently I am injured and not playing but when i do that is what I do.

But yeah just try out some different types of tape that are sold until you hit one you like. Not all black cloth tape is the same and not all white athletic trainers tape is the same. Brand by brand you will find differences in quality.

I do not know what any online sellers have as I buy locally and i may add this black cloith tape i use is not the same as sold at the other stores. Not sure where he gets it but I should ask because I certainly am sold on it.

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