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06-07-2009, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by MistaWrista View Post
I'm not a doctor, but had a similar injury to a tricep from excess lifting. At this point, if it's coming along like you say, let it go for another week or so and see how it feels. It's healing remarkably well and sounds like a very partial tear. You're regaining range of motion too, so don't bother with surgery unless the doctor says it's your only option.

And remember, even before the muscle fully heals, try to gently stretch it. Once it gets to 100%, do full stretching, then get back to lifting some weight so you regain more strength then you had before!
I'll keep this in mind for sure and thanks for the advice. It really is healing very well thankfully.

There will be a muscle deformity but the doctor had said that some that not require surgery have that and it isn't a big deal. The main goal he said was to be able to use the arm without having a disability.

The other thing to consider was I am almost 41 (birthday in July) and my days of playing aggressive hockey where I need to score score score are done anyway. Now is the beer league fun time and from the looks of it I should heal up pretty well to be able to play hockey normally again.

I definitely will know if something is wrong or is just not workable and would then seek out surgery if it is necessary.

I have been pleased with how well it looks physically today as well. When I first did it I could rest my arm limp resting on my elbow and the bicep would go down to where it should be by the elbow but any pressure lifting the arm and the bicep would shrivel right up to about half its normal size.

NOW it does not do this like it did and is absolutely not as pronounced. Obviously still bruised and yellowed and stiff but definitely way less depressing looking than monday when I first did it.

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