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Originally Posted by DevilsFan38 View Post
I am 5'8" and I use an intermediate flex. It's the perfect height so I don't have to cut it at all, which is nice since I don't lose the whippiness. I just switched from a wood stick to a two-piece setup and I feel like I can flex it a lot better (even though they're the same brand and flex), so hopefully that helps.

Some great advice here. My gloves aren't that great and the palms are fairly thick leather - I really want new ones, but right now that just isn't in my budget (maybe I'll treat myself after the next student loan check).

Thing is....I find its usually the CHEAPEST gloves that work the best. The last 2 times I have went into the store to buy hockey gloves...I have intentionally sampled all the cheapest modeals and found what I wanted both times. I play cheaper gloves DO wear out fast but with the lightweight sticks most of us use today...I really believe the lighter/thinner gloves are neccesary.

For a 5' 8" girl...I think you should be shopping for a 12" glove...(maybe even in the JR section?). If your wearing SR gloves...thats part of your problem right there, I'll bet.

I also notice you've switched from a wood stick to a 2 piece composite.

Personally, I think a 2 piece composite should be reserved for EXPERT USAGE ONLY. The way this combination is balanced/ is (IMO) a very difficult feel to get accustomed to.

MOST 'players' will tell you that making the stick flex is 'very important'..but the truth is...most of these GUYS aren't even generating 25% of the 'flex' they THINK they are getting when they shoot or pass the puck.

I assure you that if a still photo was taken of most of us 'weekend warriors' or even a higher level of amatuer player(s) in mid-shot....we'd be appalled at how LITTLE the stick actually bends for us. It might FEEL like its providing shot-enhancing whip and maybe when we lean on the stick in the store there is all kinds of action happening...but the truth is...thats not what the stick is doing when we actually take it on the rink and use it.

Therefore, don't over-concentrate on burying all your body weight/energy onto the stick BEFORE you shoot. Keep your head up, look at your target, and don't compromise the COMPLETION of your shooting/passing mechanics by worrying about how much tourqe your generating at the beginning of your motion(s). Make sense?

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