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10-07-2004, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by DarthSather99
You've convinced me that Lundmark would be the best player if he was in Hartford. It is still better for everyone that he is in Italy. Farledeau will not be going to Charlotte being he was a second round pick (1st pick by Rangers his draft year) by Sather. He will be their checking line forward. Any move to put him in Charlotte would be admission from Sather that he messed up this pick. Nepitism was always a part of Sather's managing style.
While Sather certainly has his vices, I think McGill isn't a puppet and if he felt Lee didn't fit a role on the team he wouldn't have him there. Sather at least has to be realistic and realize that regardless of where you believe Lee will be in five years, he's at the VERY least a long term project. I don't think Charlotte is def. ruled out for a guy who was essentially told he had no spot on his college team for him.

But again {from a personal standpoint} I think Lundmark would have benefitted more from Hartford. I can't necessarily say that if he were in another country but Italy just isn't {in my opinion} the right opportunity for a kid who really needs to give himself the best shot to do something whenever play resumes.

What it came down to was Insurance. But in any case I can't help but think that Jamie just used up his last chance. If he doesn't come back to the U.S. with his guns blazing, he might as well pack his bags because he is as good as gone.

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