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10-07-2004, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish
I imagine we'll probably start hearing about the final cuts around Sunday, perhaps Monday. The pack don't play until the 16th so there's a chance they might take the whole week to make some of the last moves.

From what I can gather it sounds like they're going to try and keep 23 players...Here's my guess:

1. Labarbera, G
2. Valiquette, G
3. Pock, D
4. Tyutin, D
5. Nycholat, D
6. Balej, RW
7. Betts, C
8. Ortmeyer, RW
9. MacMillan, D
10. Gillies, LW
11. Gernander, RW
12. Wiseman, LW
13. Moore, C
14. Kondratiev, D
15. Giroux, LW
16. Ulmer, F
17. Helminen, C
18. Hollweg, F
19. Grenier, D
20. Lampman, D
21. Weller, LW
22. Stals, F
23. Lawson, F

I/R Murray

The last two are the ones I had the toughest time with...Stals should probably be in the ECHL, while Lawson...well I'm not much a fan but he is having a good camp offensively.

Some of the remainder would go to Charlotte, and I'm guessing they might even send some elsewhere...perhaps the SPHL or UHL? Of course there isn't a limit on how many players they can keep on the roster, so some others may be kept up...
pock- abdominal strain so he might not startt the season also, along w/ murray

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